We got ‘em: Andrew Farrell


Hey everyone. I’m back for year two of my MLS Novice Fan experience. I’m so thrilled that soccer is back already. Thanks to the end of the NFL season, what the heck am I’m going to do with my life for the next 7 months? Please don’t tell me to turn on the tube for Opening Day. I’ll pass on that. NBA, eh……too much of an individual sport now (Golly, I miss the 90’s Knicks team) and every #1 team is getting destroyed by some mediocre squad every week in college ball.

Constellation prize, MLS is back. Hallelujah! There is a God who exist. I got my 6-ticket season package set for the Revolution this year. Ready to see some new faces (cough cough Andrew Farrell) to see what type of excitement he brings to New England because we desperately need it. (Minus Saer and Lee). Looking forward to continuing blogging about my experience and I just hope that I can inspire at least one soul to take a chance at experiencing the MLS. You won’t regret it.

Until next time…

MLS is the last sport on people’s minds!


With the intensity of the MLB Postseason brewing with the Tigers slatted to win it, the drama with the first quarter of the NFL season and the countdown to NBA Tipoff, is there any room in the typical American’s brain to even entertain the final month of the MLS regular season? I think not. Chances are that if you have the slightest bit of care for the MLS, you already know who’s in and who’s out of the playoff hunt (get them next year Revs). So why waste 2 hours out of your Wednesday, Saturday or Sunday on a game with no meaning?

I guess I’m just being a Debbie Downer since the Revs fell out of playoff contention months ago and there were high hopes during the first half of the season. Indirectly, fell in love with the supporters of the Portland Timber. That type of soccer atmosphere needs to be adopted into other stadiums throughout the MLS. That would definitely increase the popularity of the sport within the US. Checklist item: Go to a Portland Timbers v NE Revs game in Jeld-Wen. Indirectly Indirectly (huh?) became an instant fan of the city of Portland, Oregon. With the Timbers Nation riding strong with one of the worst teams in the MLS (that’s loyalty) and the cocky show of Portlandia exploiting the hidden gem (to East Coast folks) of Seattle to the world. I NEED TO GO TO SEATTLE!

Very well, enough about my MLS (& Seattle) ranting. Until next time…

PS. I have the pleasure of taking advantage of the MLS Live package online and PLEASE check out the game between Portland v LA Galaxy from July 14, 2012. GAME OF THE YEAR!

Possession and scoring chances haven’t provided tangible results